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China is more resilient than you think
Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong have underperformed in 2021. Why are investors losing confidence in Chinese stocks? The good news is that with the smooth political transition in 2022, China has refocused on economic growth and moved swiftly to contain the tail risks.

Join Tommy Xie in the Zoom link below as he shares more on the following topics today, from 7pm to 8pm.
Why are investors losing confidence in Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong?
Why does Chinese economy remain resilient despite looming event risks?
Will China overemphasise wealth redistribution in pursuit of common prosperity?
What are the opportunities against the backdrop of common prosperity and sustainability?
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17 January – Global Economic & Investment Outlook 2022
Vasu Menon, Executive Director of Investment Strategy at OCBC Wealth Management, shares his insights on what drives economies and investment markets in 2022 as we gradually emerge from COVID-19 into unprecedented times. He will also discuss the possible upsides and challenges for stock markets after a stellar performance over the past 22 months.

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24 January – Singapore Market Outlook for 2022
Carmen Lee, Head of Research at OCBC Investment Research, discusses the key drivers for equities in the Singapore market as we enter 2022 with the same lingering impact of the pandemic.

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